Retrieving back issues of b5jms and b5jms-digest via email

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Thu Jul 17 15:52:35 EDT 1997

This is a message from the maintainer of b5jms.

It is in response to several subscribers who noted to me that this facility
was not working.  It is now fixed, and below are new instructions on how to
get issues of b5jms or b5jms-digest via email.  This info is also now part
of the updated b5jms-faq (which is sent monthly to the group).


You can use either FTP or email to get archives.

To use FTP to get archive copies of "B5JMS", use this URL:

To use FTP to get archive copies of "B5JMS-DIGEST", use this one:

If you don't know what FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is or how to use it,
please consult your local system administrator or Internet guru.

Alternatively, you can have issues or archives emailed to you.  First, use
the majordomo command

	index b5jms

to get a listing of monthly archives of b5jms.  Or use the command

	index b5jms-digest

to get a listing of archived digests of b5jms-digest.  Note that some files
are compressed (using GNU Zip), while others may not.  You do not have to
worry too much about it.

Now, use use the majordomo "get" command to have an issue emailed to you.
For example, to get the first monthly issue of b5jms sent to you via email,
issue the majordomo command:

	get b5jms archive.9510.gz

To get the first archive of b5jms-digest sent to you via email, use

	get b5jms-digest v01.n001.gz

You must specify the name of the file as was listed from the "index"
command.  Some files are compressed using GNU zip, and have the extension
".gz".  Other files are not compressed and thus do not have that extension.
In either case, you must specify the file name as was listed via "index".
Compressed files will be decompressed before sent to you, for your


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