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>The other night I was watching some of my old tapes and I ran into 
>something interesting in the episode "Exogenesis."  In the very beginning

>of the episode, a transport is docking at B5.  After receiving docking 
>instructions, the pilot says, "Thank you, Babylon Control.  Have a nice 
>day."  I immediately recognized the voice as Sean Connery's.  Just to be 
>sure, I watched it a few more times and am convinced it's him.  No one
>has a voice like that.  Could you or any one else out there please

He's said it definately was *not*.


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From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
Date: 18 Jul 1997 16:29:09 -0400
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Sean Connery as a Wallla person?

No, it is Doug Cook, one of our Walla people doing a fair Sean imitation
which was not his intention.

I will pass on your post, as Doug will find it quite amusing.

George Johnsen

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