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  I'm not going to take sides on this topic, it sounds like a case of "his
word against hers" and quite frankly it doesn't really matter. What
matters is that Ivonova won't be back for Season 5 and now she has to be
replaced with a new character.  It's too bad for the show but hey change
can be good as well.  It's bad timing with the Kay Howard character not
returning for the next season of Homicide, as that means TV will have lost
too quality female characters next season.   But that brings up the reason
why i'm making this post.  JMS, you said you have allready created
Ivonova's replacement. Any word on who will play that part?   Maybe you
should consider Melissa Leo?  I'm not sure if you are planning on
replacing Ivanova with another female character or what sort of character
the replacement will be. But Melissa is probally available, she's a great
actress, she has very good range, she can play a tough character or
considerably softer characters.  I really think you should consider her
for the role.  
  Hey think of the extra viewers you will get, with all of the die hard
Homicide viewers who are annoyed that Leo was let go and are likely going
to flock to the next thing she does.  BUt seriously, Melissa Leo is a
fantastic actress and she would make a great addition to the cast.  In
fact she's probally a better actor than anyone currently on the show (no
offence to the actors on B5, just shows how high I hold Leo's acting
skill).  If she joined the cast that would easily deflect the
disapointment of losing Christian. 

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We haven't even gotten into the casting part, but we're open to whoever
walks in the door and knocks our brains out.

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