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From: Laura Appelbaum <l-appelbaum at>
Date: 9 May 1997 01:33:29 -0400
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jms, while perusing my card-trading options on the Babylon 5 Trading
Post web site, I came upon the following entry, which I thought was in
rather poor taste, considering the proximity of the offering to the
seller's very recent role on the show, and also since I assume that the
parking pass could still get someone on the set (whom you don't
necessarily want)-- I thought you'd like to know about this, so here's
the entry. (Of course if you want to send me YOUR copy of the script I
wouldn't THINK of complaining :) )

Here's the text of the Trading Post post:
Thu Feb 27 16:02:57 1997 
STATUS: New entry
TRADE: 1. Original Minbari prosthetics actually used by Callenn on
409, including both ears and "forehead/pate" with blue markings . 2.
script of episode 409, from which I learned my lines, and which was on
set with me every shooting day. 3. Approx. 20 behind-the-scenes
including my step-by-step  makeup shots, Callenn in full costume on the
(autographed), and various shots of Dellenn, Lennier, and Tony Dow, the
director of the episode. 4. "Sides" of the script (miniature copies of
scenes to be shot on that day) 4. Shooting schedule of episode 409. 5.
Laminated guest parking pass with Babylon 5 logo. 
NEED: Cash
DEAL: Best offer; no trades
Email to: Bricarp at
Snail Mail (or general location): Los Angeles
Comments: I guest starred as "Callenn," the Minbari religious leader, on
Episode 409, "Atonement," airing the week of Feb. 24. All items I have
acquired during my work on that episode in November of 1996.

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 12 May 1997 10:09:42 -0400
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Suffice to say we will go and take care of this bigtime.


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