ATTN JMS: PTEN/WB/SOMEBODY are screwing up B5's audio.

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Mon May 19 06:08:55 EDT 1997

From: tbetz at (Tom Betz)
Date: 18 May 1997 02:36:25 -0400
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Over the last few weeks, the audio I receive has been horribly 
"noise-gated" -- in quiet passages, much of the audio simply 
disappears when there is no dialog, blanking out the soundtrack
music and foley.

This started happening occasionally last season, and has been 
CONSISTENTLY awful in the last three weeks.

Perhaps it is being done by my local station (WWOR 9 in NYC)
but I doubt it, as I only hear the problem when I watch B5, 
never on any of their other programming.

This leads me to believe that somebody up the transmission 
chain is sloppily applying maladjusted noise gates to the 
audio feed in a misguided effort to "clean up" the sound track -- 
and instead they are f***ing it up horribly.

I know that you devote much time and effort to getting your 
fine program's audio mixes just right -- it's a damn shame 
that some noodlehead along the line is undoing so much of 
your good work before we get to see it.

It was so bad tonight that I considered not bothering to
watch the whole episode, or the rest of the broadcast eps,
and to wait ten years for the DVD box set.
My cooler head prevailed, but it's really annoying, Joe.

I hope there is something you can do about it.

If there's someone *I* can complain to about it, please 
let me know.

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 18 May 1997 19:31:57 -0400
Lines: 14

WB switched to a new company to do its uplink of episodes.  The new
company is somewhat cheaper, and uses *analog* transmissions rather than
digital when uplinking to satellite.  The result is that the audio tends
to have phasing problems and other anomalies can creep in.

We have been...discussing...this with them for some time.


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