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"Gharlane" == Gharlane of Eddore <gharlane at> writes:

> Joe, I just stayed up late to watch "POLITICALLY INCORRECT" since
> some loud-mouthed short guy you know was scheduled to be on....

> and the commentator has just introduced his guests by mentioning
> their current books, and I could *swear* he just announced that
> Harlan has two books out, "SLIPPAGE" and "BABYLON 5."


> Does such a thing exist, or was the P.I. commentator/host talking
> crooked & confused?

I heard it as "Babylon 5 Slippage" and "Edgeworks" - the host had what
looked like copies of "Slippage" and one of the "Edgeworks" books, so
I assumed that he was either attempting to mention Harlan's B5
connection and got confused or (perhaps more likely) he just got
confused.  I did tape the show, so I could look at it again tonight...

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The host misspoke...


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