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I wanted to briefly share an experience I had the other evening. I drove
halfway across town to buy the hard-to-find "Messages from Earth" Babylon 5
CD. I popped it in on the drive home, figuring I'd just enjoy the nice
music. :-)

The first thing I did was listen to all 4 season main title sequences one
after the other. Doing so it is very clear how the moods and energies
change over the four years. I always knew that but hearing the sequences
back to back brought it forth in vivid detail. It actually made the hair on
the back of my neck "stand up" a few times.

I then began the CD over again and let it play through. Joe, Chris' music
is so powerful, and the images from B5 are still so strongly held in me,
that I found myself shivering and crying several times while listening. I
could see in my mind's eye Earth Force's attack on Mars, their attack of
Babylon 5, Delenn's pain when she discovered John had gone to Z'ha'dum,
John's pain when he realized he had no choice but to jump, and many other
power scenes recalled from my soul by the music.

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the deeply powerful and moving gift
you have given us. And please share with Chris that his music compares, to
me, with classic opera in its ability to recall within me the images and
scenes for which the music was written.

Deep regards,
Janet Christian

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"You just gotta learn to dance while life is throwing chainsaws and
chickens at you...after the first few cuts and pecks, it's easy."
-- J. Michael Straczynski, Executive Producer, Writer,  and
Creative Genius Behind Babylon 5 (which won the 1996 Hugo award!)

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Date: 23 May 1997 00:18:34 -0400
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Thanks.  The music is quite wonderful and moving in many places.  I'm very
happy for your observation about playing the series themes in sequence. 
Each season there's a fair amount of grumbling about changing the music,
but the point you raise is exactly the reason behind comment on
the changing nature of the show, and each new version is exactly
representative of what happens that year.  When you put 'em together, as
you did, it comes through more clearly.


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