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Mon May 26 11:41:08 EDT 1997

This is a message from the maintainer of B5JMS.

(1) Some of you may have received duplicates of messages sent on May 24th.
The problem was on my end, and is now fixed.  A new version of Perl-5 was
installed on our departmental systems, which interacted unexpectedly with
the version of the Majordomo list processor.  An upgrade to a matching
version of Majordomo fixed the problem.

(2) I will be gone on vacation (read: Woo Hoo :-) from May 30th until June
6.  I will not be available electronically during that week.  During that
time, 3rd party un/subscription requests will go through automatically,
rather than requiring my manual approval.  This would speed up such
requests.  However, all other requests (especially misdirected ones) will
have to wait until my return.  I hope this will not cause too much trouble
for you.

B5JMS Poster.
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