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Spoiler space:


Pretty intense battles ... on a level somewhat different from severed
dreams.  The EA Destroyers are pretty mean suckers when they want to be. 
Yeah ... "if the Earth Minbari war were to occur today ... things may have
turned out a little different"  Quoting the senator.

The scene after the battle with the captains meeting ... showed 2 EA
destroyers and 2 Hyperion class ships too.  Wonder where they came from? 
There were 6 Destroyers blockading Proxima 3.

They also mention that the Heracles and the Pollux fired on civilian ships.
What about the Aggie?  

Nice to see the Alexander in the mix at the end.



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Date: 26 May 1997 17:22:06 -0400
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[moderator note:  spoiler space for _No Surrender No Retreat_ added]

Sheridan says that they are being joined by other ships loyal to the
resistance, so that's where the others came from.


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