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I think the main differences are in the writing, and the scope of the
production.  (And we're doing 2 TV movies, not 3.)

You have to pace the writing differently if you're going to cover 2 hours,
and you can be a little more ambitious.  The first one produced (slated to
be aired second), "Thirdspace," is going to have the single most elaborate
EFX sequences of the series to date; George worked it out that there are
as many EFX shots in that one movie as in the *entire first season*.  He
is convinced I'm trying to kill him.  (Like it's my fault that petition
started circulating around....)

The prequel, "In the Beginning," is much more ambitious in story-scale,
covering about 40 years backwards and forwards.  The key there was to take
a situation where everybody *thinks* they know the backstory to the
Minbari war, and show that they don't quite know it after put in
some surprises.  I think we did this.

Because we also get to spend more time in certain locations, we can do a
little more with them, make them a bit spiffier.

I think they'll both go over well, though my personal preference is for
the prequel.


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