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I won't detail the weird set of circumstances that lead me to this point,
but I would like to show you the end result. The idea was a Babylon 5
Tarot Deck. So far all I've gone through are the Major Arcana, but I'm
seriously thinking of doing the Four Suits as well. Understand, I will
never use this for commercial gain - at most I'll do color printouts of
some of the images I've found on the net, laminate them, and use them
purely for my own amusement.

Without further ado...




The Fool	Vir. This card suggests folly, delirium, confusion, and
		bewilderment. Reversed meanings include negligence,
		absence, carelessness, apathy, and vanity.

The Magician	G'Kar. Skill, diplomacy, sickness, pain, loss, disaster,
		self-confidence, will. Reversed: Physician, magus,

The Priestess	Delenn. Secrets, mystery, future unrevealed, silence,
		tenacity, wisdom, science. Reversed: Passion, moral or
		physical ardour, conceit, surface knowledge.

The Empress	Talia Winters. Intuition, creativity/fertility,
		initiative, the clandestine, difficulty, doubt, ignorance.
		Reversed: Light, truth, the unravelling of involved
		matters, vacillation.

The Emperor	Susan Ivanova. Stability, power, protection, a great
		person, aid, reason, conviction, and the personification
		and the soul of the land. Reversed: Benevolence,
		compassion, confusion to one's enemies, obstruction, 

The Hierophant	Bester. Marriage alliance, captivity, servitude,
		inspiration. Reversed: Society, concord, weakness.

The Lovers	Morden & Anna Sheridan. Attraction, love, a choice (though
		not always a clear choice): What do you want?

The Chariot	Kosh. Succor, providence, war, triumph, presumption, 
		vengeance. Reversed: Riot, litigation, unrest. Who are

Strength	Neroon. Power, energy, action, courage. Reversed: abuse of
		power, discord, despotism, weakness.

The Hermit	President Clark. Prudence, treason, dissimulation,
		roguery, corruption. Reversed: Concealment, disguise,
		fear, unreasoned caution.

Wheel of Fate	Shadows & Vorlons. Destiny, fortune, success, cyclic
		changes, seasons. Reversed: Superfluity, abundance, cyclic

Justice		Lennier. Equity, rightness, justice. Reversed: Law,
		bigotry, bias, severity.

The Hanged One	Draal. Wisdom, discernment, willing sacrifice (usually
		for knowledge), intuition, divination, prophecy. Reversed:
		selfishness, the crowd, unwillingness to transform.

Death		Sheridan. Endings, mortality, the dead, destruction,
		corruption, decay. Reversed: Inertia, sleep, lethargy,

Temperance	Franklin. Economy, moderation, frugality, management. 
		Reversed: Organized religions, sects, addictions,
		unfortunate or unpleasant combinations.

The Devil	Londo. Ravage, revenge, violence, vehemence, extraordinary
		efforts, force, fatality, predestiny. Reversed: Evil
		fatality, weakness, pettiness, blindness.

The Tower	Lyta Alexander. Misery, distress, indigence, adversity,
		disgrace, deception, willing acceptance of ruination.
		Reversed: Oppression, imprisonment, tyranny.

The Star	Marcus. Loss, theft, abandonment; hope, bright prospects.
		Reversed: Arrogance, haughtiness, impotence.

The Moon	Zack Allen. Hidden enemies (spies), danger, terror, error,
		deception. Reversed: Instability, silence, lesser degrees
		of deception and error.

The Sun		Delenn and Sheridan's baby, David. Material happiness, 
		fortunate marriage, contentment. Reversed: The same, but
		to lesser degrees.

Judgement	Lorien, the First One. Change of position, renewal,
		outcome. Reversed: Weakness, simplicity, decisions, 
		deliberation, sentencing.

The World	Babylon 5, the station itself. Assured success, voyage,
		route, emigration, immigration, flight, change of place.
		Reversed: Inertia, stagnation, permanence, possible


Well, there it is. Laugh if you like, pass it around to be laughed at by
others. I don't take myself very seriously, but I do enjoy incorporating
new ideas into old ones. The Tarot has been an old idea of mine, something
with which I have a small familiarity of long years. Babylon 5 is
something of which I have a greater understanding but a shorter
acquaintance. I hope this didn't offend you, but rather than it
entertained you. Feel free to use it, delete the message after a good
chuckle, or keep it as you wish. :) 

			Another Wannabe Talia (for the fringe benefits)

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 1 Nov 1997 20:24:53 -0500
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I would like to note here that I read this on November 1, 1997; almost 3 months
 after the filming of "The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari."  

My reasons for this will be evident later; be careful on suggestions.


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