ATTN JMS: Season 5 renumbering?

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Thu Nov 6 06:42:50 EST 1997

From: "J. Weaver Jr." <jwjr at>
Date: 4 Nov 1997 23:33:52 -0500
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Now that "Deconstruction" has been renumbered to 422, and "Sleeping in
Light" is "(the new) 522", have the rest of the episodes for Season 5
been renumbered also? That is, is "No Compromises" now 501, "...Very
Long Night..." now 502, and so on?  -JW

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 5 Nov 1997 16:32:19 -0500
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Yes, the S5 episodes will be renumbered prior to broadcast.

More Soviet Revisionism in action....

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