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From: Kevin Halstead <kev206 at>
Date: 7 Nov 1997 14:02:01 -0500
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I recently signed up with to receive notification as books with
the keywork "Babylon 5" get added to their database.  I received the
following e-mail earlier this week:

>As you requested, we are notifying you of new books matching the
>following criteria:
>      keywords include "Babylon 5"
>"The Babylon 5 Journal"
>List: $24.95 -- Our Price: $19.96 -- You Save: $4.99 (20%)
>Subjects: POP ARTS/POP CULTURE; Television & Television Broadcasting -
>           General
>Publisher: Cimino
>Binding: Paperback
>Expected publication date: November 1, 1997
>ISBN: 190167424X

I was wondering if you had any information on this book?  Is this something
that has your approval, or is it a unauthorized project cashing in on the
success of the series? 



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 7 Nov 1997 19:26:05 -0500
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I have no idea what this is.  Unless it's the blank-book from Antioch.


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