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	Ok, I need to admit this after you called one of my
"Deconstruction" posts "insightful".  
	I was agog.  Not just because you don't compliment posts very
often, but because you are JMS..."The Great Maker"...whatever :)
	So I ran like a goofy little kid to my page's message board
and just had to tell everyone about it.
	Laugh if you want to, but I'd just be willing to be that if
Rod Serling had said something like that to you, you'd think it was
pretty cool too.
	Rod was an idol of mine too.  "The Twilight Zone" has yet to
be matched in it's originality and Mr. Serling's amazing imagination.
	So you're an idol.  I know its still hard for you to
	Feels weird, doesn't it? 

Jeff Bauer

Keeper of Jeff's Babylon 5 Update Page

And The Storekeeper at
"The Sci-Fi Bookstore"

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Date: 8 Nov 1997 10:59:26 -0500
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>So you're an idol.  I know its still hard for you to
>	Feels weird, doesn't it? 
More than just a little.  I still have a hard time seeing myself in that role. 
 I just sorta do what I do; I'm doing what I was doing 10 years ago, even
 longer, just writing the kinds of stories I like.  Same person, different

But I constantly doubt...I doubt if the show is good enough, if the work is
 good enough, if we did it right...I wonder if the show is getting enough
 attention, so I go out to try and get it, but then when it comes, I worry
 about the cult of personality...and then I worry that I'm worrying needlessly
 because one thing that typifies B5 fans is that the don't seem to fall for the
 cult of personality BS... and then I watch something by Serling and I feel
 like a total fraud...and then I have to face the blank page and worry that
 whatever the heck it was I did last time, I won't be able to do it again....

I know, I know...thorazine, and lots of it....

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