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Dear Mr. Straczinski
      About four years ago my father and I had grown somewhat apart.  I was
 busy with school and visited at home infrequently.  We didn't really have that
 much to talk about anymore.  I really held TV in very low regards at the time.
 So when he said that I should watch the Babylon 5 because he thought it was
 the best thing to ever happen to Science Fiction Television in the last 20 to
 30 years, I ignored him. 
      I went on with my life and really didn't pay much attention to Babylon 5
 unless I went over to friend's and they happened to have it on.  They would
 shush me as I came in and I would creep past them during a commercial (I knew
 the consequences associated with blocking the view of B5 midstream).  It went
 on like that for about three years.  Then I went to Marcon in Columbus with
 some friends.  While I was there I was emmersed in total Babylon 5 Fandom.  At
 that point my view changed substantially.
      Suddenly, I was craving every little scrap of information that I could
 grab with my grubby little paws and lock my beady eyes on.  I couldn't get
 enough.  My dad was right.  Like al the other times he'd been right when he
 said, "Read the lord of the Rings and The Hobbit".  I suddenly realized that
 he was the one who had instigated my young obsession with science fiction,
 fantasy, and stories that span over more than just the pages of one book or
 one episode.  Upon this realization, I thanked my dad for helping to make me
 who I am. Now I thank you for helping bring back magic to television and for
 giving my dad and I something to talk about again.
Another Joe

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 7 Nov 1997 19:28:37 -0500
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Thanks...and my best to your father as well.  I'm glad the show can be
 something that brings folks together like this.

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