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	I can't speak for the majority of the folks here, but I for
one can't wait until you get around to publishing a new novel.  
	I read Demon Night way back in Season One, but haven't read
Othersyde yet.  Since both are out of print, some may not be as lucky
as I was to have found them both at my library.
	So whats the latest news on any new literary projects of
yours?  And...will Demon Night or Othersyde ever be reprinted?
	PS:  It still amazes me how many great books are out of print.
5 Hugo Award-winning novels are out of print.  Most of Rod Serling's
stuff is unavailable too.  Personally, I can't imagine why. 

Jeff Bauer

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"The Sci-Fi Bookstore"

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>So whats the latest news on any new literary projects of
>yours?  And...will Demon Night or Othersyde ever be reprinted?

Eventually, yes, but I don't want those to be the first books out the docket
 after B5.  They're both pretty good, but I think that whatevert I do in the
 aftermath of B5 has got to be a hell ofa lot better than "pretty good."  

Basically, between the name value that has accrued to the show, and my
 background, I figure that good will can carry me through 2 or 3 books...but if
 they're not killer books, that's gonna be where it ends.  If anything, that
 knowedge is going to make me work *harder* on the books than if there were a
 lower profile involved, where you can make mistakes and nobody sees them.  

As for the future, I'm working on a couple of novels at roughly the same time
 as everything's just a matter of when what gets finished, and how I
 feel about it.

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