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From: firesign <firesign at istar.ca>
Date: 11 Nov 1997 00:12:51 -0500
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In regards to your post regrading Portishead, you may be interested to
know that they have been well known for over 2 years now up here in
Canada. (I've noticed that the US is somewhat behind other countries in
getting the latest tune and trends from England...)

Consider yourself vindicated: they are really popular, but they've kind
of peaked already.


From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 12 Nov 1997 23:51:13 -0500
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>Consider yourself vindicated: they are really popular, but they've kind
>of peaked already.

Well, if I hadn't heard of them (and most people haven't that I've talked to)
 then it's a new thing for me.  

Peaked already?  The second album is great, and I think that their popularity
 is only going to grow, particularly here in the US.  

Folks looking on...I ain't kidding.  If you haven't listened to either fo the
 Portishead albums, you're missing a real treat.

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