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Hello, JMS.  I have a couple of questions about some B5 merchandise coming
out.  I noticed there are some action figures coming out from Exclusive
Premiere.  I've seen and bought some of their other figures (namely the
Dukes of Hazzard figures) and I really haven't been impressed with them.
The faces don't look like the actors and the clothing is cheaply made, not
to mention the inacurate information on the packaging (they said The Dukes
of Hazzard was a mid-seventies hit but it debuted in 1979 and they credited
Merle Haggard with the theme song when it was actually Waylon Jennings).
Plus EVERY figure was numbered "1 of 12000."  I hope more attention to
detail and more accurate information is given to the Babylon 5 figures.
Their 6 inch figures look a lot better, though.  Despite the problems I've
seen with their other figures, I'm anxiously awaiting the B5 line just
because it is B5.  But I said I had questions, didn't I?

The Lurkers Guide to B5 page, under their list of merchandise, says that
the videos are being offered through Columbia House.  I've checked their
web page and called them, but I can't get any info on B5 videos.  Are they
just not avilable yet or is it inaccurate informatin?

Also, I seem to remember you mentioning a long time ago a series of
collector's plates.  Were they ever released?  Will they ever be released?
Did I dream the whole thing?  I couldn't find any info on the web.

We're all anxiously awaiting both the movies and season 5!  Keep up the
great work!

Heath Fitts

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thinking!  But when you're good and crazy, the sky's the limit!!" --The Tick
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Date: 12 Nov 1997 23:46:53 -0500
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I'd say, strictly on an appearance basis, that the 6" figures are a bit better
 than the 9" ones.  And as for the collector's plates, Hamilton did its usual
 market tests with mainstream collectors (who don't know from B5) and ST fans,
 and based on this decided that there wasn't any market out there for B5

No comment.

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