Space Patrol/Planet Patrol?

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Ali and Dave Hopkins wrote:

#  galley at (Gordon B. Alley) wrote:
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<maub05 at> wrote:
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#  >>Anyone know if this old show is worth watching? Apparently it was
#  >>Planet Patrol in the US, Space Patrol in the UK. Is it a puppet
show like
#  >>Thunderbirds or what?
#  >
#  >I neglected to mention in my response to your other message that
this was
#  >a live-action show (black and white, of course, since it was the
#  >50's).  I can't swear whether its original title here in the states
#  >Space Patrol or Planet Patrol, but the tapes I mentioned have it as
#  >Patrol".  I'm pretty sure it was produced in North America (not sure

#  >whether Canada or US).
#  >
#  >
#  Ah, ha........ two different shows here. The puppet one is Space
#  and it's NOT a Gerry Anderson. I think it predates him, or at least
is the
#  same era as Fireball XL5. We in the UK never got Planet Patrol to my
#  knowledge.
#  Ali

 There may indeed have been a puppet show called Space Patrol, but
here in the United States, Space Patrol was an early-fifties live-action

show.  Its primary comptetition was another live-action show
called Space Cadets.  These were two of my favorite shows at the
time, and I can still hum the Space Academy theme song.


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The UK series was named Space Patrol, but when it came time to show it in the
 States, they renamed it Planet Patrol to avoid legal complications and
 confusion in the marketplace.

As it happens, I'm getting a full run of the tapes in about a week from the
 distributer, and looking forward to it, as it was one of my favorite shows as
 a kid, though nobody else I ever spoke to in 20 years had ever heard of it.

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