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Mon Nov 24 06:35:38 EST 1997

From: "Gary W. Cooper" <70521.743 at>
Date: 21 Nov 1997 13:10:03 -0500
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Hi, Joe!  I just wanted to tell you that the new web site for the Emporium
is terrific!!!
No more checks, no more sending credit card info via snail mail, no more
cumbersome ordering process...just fill up your virtual shopping cart and
enter your 
VISA/Mastercard # at the ultra-secure website and all kinds of NEAT STUFF
is heading your way!  And before you buy you can get detailed info on each
item with
a graphic representation so you can see what you're buying!   Fantastic!

Now if I could just get them to come out with a jewelry-quality Ranger pin!

Thanks again!


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 23 Nov 1997 14:30:56 -0700
Lines: 10

Thanks, though Jeffrey Willerth gets most of the credit for getting this puppy
up and running.  

So far the orders are coming in strong, and the first batch of orders (100 in
the first day alone) went out the very next day.

We're going to be adding more cool stuff shortly to the store.

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