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Spoilers for Sleeping in Light

usenetmail wrote:

> Spoilers up to Sleeping in Light.
> The moral here is that 'the bad guys always win.'  Earthforce gets
> their hands
> on Shadow skin and weapons technology, with predictable results.
> Sheridan surrenders to Earthgov, and is expelled from Earthforce for
> the
> 'crime' of overthrowing an illegitimate government.  Excuse me?  This
> is not
> the message any truly lawful government should give to it's armed
> forces.

Reread the spoilers. It is a compromise. Sheridan resigns (not expelled,
the difference is one between respect and disrespect), in exchange for
amnesty for ALL of the Earthforce personnel who joined the Resistance.
Did you honestly think Sheridan would ever go back to Earthforce after
this, even if he had the chance???

I suppose you would have preferred Sheridan to go charging in and level
Earthgov even after he accomplishes his objectives, maybe even set
himself (or one of his resistance compatriots) up in charge of the new
government. What does that tell the armed forces? If you don't like your
government, just take it by force!

> Clark has been defeated, but so what?  The replacement is almost
> entirely as
> bad.  Even 500 years into the future, Earthgov is performing the role
> of the
> Shadows, trying to move out and take over by force.  Dispite the best
> efforts,
> of the characters, the future is on rails and cannot be changed.

Exchanging a dictatorship for the democracy replaced obviously does not
automatically mean the people who supported the dictatorship go away or
change their minds. Go study some history.

> I note with interest that the cynics among rastb5m are often derided
> and
> otherwise harassed, but the information I have found almost entirely a
> vindication of what I have been saying from day one.

If this is what you were saying from day one, what ever did you see in
B5 in the first place? If you are sick of this and this is what you've
been saying all along would happen, then you should have moved on with
your life. Instead you stayed, and now you sound like someone in
desperate need of validation.

> Up to ItF was good, but I can't stand the aftermath, or what I see as
> JMS'
> condescending and holier than thou attitude towards fans.

I suppose you would have liked it better if it ended with ItF, and
EVERYONE lived happily ever after.

Bye. Hope it takes you less time to decide if your next hobby is worth
the time and effort.
Living comes much easier
once we admit we're dying...

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John F. Burroway

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The other thing in all this to remember is that once I learned the source of
 material for the spoilers' page (the synopses that WB is required to provide
 to TV stations), I made it a point ot have WB route the synopses to me for
 editing.  While I can't force too much stuff out of them or they become
 useless to the purpose mandated by the FCC...stations have to be responsible
 for, and informed about, what they broadcast...I *can* and do omit certain
 little details whenever I can.


Because the spoilers page pisses me off...because no matter what's in them, I
 get grief over them...and anybody who reads these things (altered or
 otherwise) and assumes they know the full story and goes off because of it
 deserves whatever they get.

The synopses are not for general distribution outside the TV stations; if other
 people are getting them, they're breaking the rules and ruining the dramatic
 impact of episodes by letting the shape of the episodes get out before
 broadcsat, and as far as I'm concerned, that entitles me to fuck with them.

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