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I'm putting this in a few different places, so forgive any redundency....

We're starting to pull together the licensed B5 merchandise being put out by
 the fan club, and I'm very pleased by it...especially the pins, as noted
 below.  For a long time now, pirate dealers have been putting out fake B5
 Earth Alliance pins, and they've been crummily made, either flimsy or
 breakable or thick and clumsy, and charging fair-sized bucks for rotten,
 inferior products.  No more.  Now you can get the real things, identical to
 the acual props in every single respect, and overseen directly by Babylonian
 Productions to ensure that they're accurate.  (Along with everything else
 here.)  But that's been a real sore point for me for a long time, and I'm glad
 to have it taken care of once and for all.

The following products are now available via the Fan Club website, located at

1)  product # FCM - Fan Club Membership

This gets you the quarterly Universe Today, access to the Gold Channel personal
 logs on, and discounts on all FC products.

2) product # FCTC-01 - Fleer/Skybox Special Edition box with JMS autograph

3) product # FCTC-02 - Fleer/Skybox Special Edition box with Bruce Boxleitner

4) product # FCJ-01 - Earth Alliance Pin

Baked Enamel blue and gold-tone pin, just like the real ones. Pricing: member
 $12, non $14

5) product # FCS-04 - "The Great Maker" T-shirt

When I directed "Sleeping in Light" (422), during lunch a substantial number of
 cast and crew disappeared from the set, and returned wearing these shirts as a
 surprise.  A lot of people asked for these to be made available, and now they
 are.  Front reads, "Shh...The Great Maker is Directing". The back reads, "And
 on the seventh day we wrapped". Pricing: member $14.95 L & XL $16.95 for XXL,
 non $16.95 L & XL $18.95 for XXL.

6) product # FCP-02 - Recognition Chart Poster

This one I like a lot because it's just stinking's a perfect replica
 of the recognition poster seen in pilot ready room on B5, struck from the same
 master.  It has Minbari, Shadow, and Earth ship silhouettes, as you'd see on a
 WWII battleship.  32"x24"  Pricing: member $8, non $10.

7) product # FCH-01 - Aggie Hat

The product number may be revised.  This is the crew cap for The Agamemnon,
 Sheridan's ship prior to being assigned to B5, seen in "Knives" and which will
 be seen in the fifth season as well.  (And those who see the final 4 will see
 that the Aggy has a lot more to do with the story.)  Pricing is, I believe,
 the same as the next item:

8) product # FCH-02 - Psi Corps Hat

This is another one we've been asked to produce by fans.  The cap is black with
 the Psi Corps logo on front. "The Psi Corps is your friend" is embroidered on
 the back.  Pricing: members $16, non $18

9) product # FCBK - Antioch Babylon 5 Calendar 1998

This is possibly the best graphic product associated with B5 publishing to
 date.  It's just gorgeous, with montage prints, quotes from the series, photos
 galore, and many of the major events in the B5 storyline noted by date.  This
 is a limited edition with serialized numbers. We have the lowest numbers
 available on the market. Pricing: members $11.95, non $14.95

And there are the CD's available from us, done by Christopher Franke:

  product # FCCD-01 - Original Soundtrack 
  product # FCCD-02 - Messages From Earth
  product # FCCD-03 - Avalon
  product # FCCD-04 - Z'Ha'Dum
  product # FCCD-05 - Shadow Dancing
  product # FCCD-06 - Severed Dreams
  product # FCCD-07 - Walkabout

Again, all this can be obtained via the Fan Club site, which has an order form.
  Some of this has yet to be added to the form, so in the case of short or
 limited orders, this will let you get a jump on things before they're sold

What we're doing here is what I think should be done with this stuff: you make
 what you personally would want just because you think it's just cool....


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