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Hello JMS or any other Babylonian representative.

I received this Unsolicited email today. I loathe this form of dealing,
I have to pay per second for telephone calls, like most non-Nort

Also is this product sanctioned? because I have to say that I make it a
policy never to buy from a firm which does this sort of thing, and I am
also concerned that they are raiding newsgroups, most likely this one,
to scan for email addresses.

>     It is the dawn of the third age of mankind, the middle of the 23rd century. The Earth-Minbari War 
>began with a misunderstanding, a human captain and a Minbari commander too quick on the trigger. The 
>Babylon Project was conceived in the aftermath of the war. Modeled after the United Nations, it would be 
>a meeting place, neutral ground where the powers could work out their differences peacefully. The first 
>three Babylon stations were sabotaged in mid-construction. The fourth was completed, but just as it was 
>about to go online, it vanished without a trace. 
>   Babylon 5 is the story of the last of the Babylon stations, the last hope for a galaxy without war.  It 
>begins in the year 2257 with the opening of the Babylon station. A licensed collectible card game that 
>brings to life all of the intrigue, action, and atmosphere of the Hugo award-winning science fiction 
>television show. Babylon 5 will be the pivotal axis upon which a drama of epic proportions will play out 
>upon a galactic stage. Only your action will decide the outcome...
>Available November 1997. 
>Starter Deck - $8.95 Retail - Your Cost $6.72
>Starter Box $107.40 Retail - Your Cost $72.95
>   Starter boxes will contain 12 decks (3 each of Narn, Minbari, Human, Centauri) of 60 cards each (50 
>fixed commons tailored to the specific race, 10 randomly inserted uncommon and rare cards, and a 48 
>page rulebook and quick start guide.).
>Booster Pack - $1.95 Retail - Your Cost $1.47
>Booster Box -$46.80 Retail - Your Cost $34.95
>   Booster boxes will contain 24 packs of  8 randomly inserted cards (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 4 common 
>More info at
>** If possible please place all orders through our new website;
>To place an order, or for more info, contact;
>All major credit cards accepted
>We ship world-wide, surface or air
>References available upon request
>All prices subject to STP INC General Terms & Policy
>Prices subject to change by manufacturer adjustments
>Please allow 3-4 weeks for some cases
>E-Mail for more details or visit our website
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While the product is sanctioned, the email is apparently not coming from them,
 but from a store that is *selling* the stuff.  That is not under my control,

Frankly, I object to this, and have sent email saying so.

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