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Spoilers for BtDatL


Hi Joe.

I know you hate these sorts of "what if" questions, but at least this
one has nothing to do with Sinclair's departure.

After watching _BtDatL_ I had to wonder whether the entire rescue of
Sheridan was a result of having to finish the show in 4 seasons.
Realistically, I can't imagine Sheridan gaining his freedom through any
method other than release after Clark's defeat.  It doesn't seem
realistic for such a high profile prisoner to get busted out of prison
with such ease, even by someone of Garibaldi's resourcefulness.

But, you can't very well wrap up an epic story with the hero locked up
in prison, essentially standing on the sidelines during the Dramatic

So I ask: had you been able to stick the original 5-year plan, would
Sheridan have rotted in that cell until after the Army of Light disposed
of Clark?  Or would the rescue have proceeded much as we saw?


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(* Spoilers for Darkness and Light *)


>Or would the rescue have proceeded much as we saw?
Yes, it would have.

Some have complained about the rescue, arguing that they wanted to see a big
 battle.  (To which answer #1 is wait 7 days.)  They wanted to see the fleet
 smack Mars and free him in a big battle.

Well, if you do that, you can kiss goodbye any chance of the fleet then doing
 what it's SUPPOSED to be doing, which is the ligberation of Earth.  While
 they're tied up and planetbound (on one side) at Mars, Earth swoops in and
 knocks them out.  Y ou also lose any possible aspect of surprise.

It *had* to be done quickly, through the back door, rather than the fleet that
 some might have been expecting, so it'd look like a Resistance job, not a
 Fleet job.

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