Babylon 5 a failure?

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> :I attempted to post this:
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> :> Kyle Haight wrote
> :> >Ah, the cry of the mediocre when faced with a new, high-quality
> :> >product.
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> :> Not true. When you have the market cornered(DS9 and Voyager) and
> :> the only competitor(Babylon 5) is a failure managing to grab only 
> :> a very small portion of the available customers.

B5 a failure?  I say not.

Remember, Star Trek is a HUGE franchise.  Even people who don't watch 
Star Trek have at least heard of it.  It's more than just a hugely 
successful show, it's now a part of Americana.  Hell, there was a space 
shuttle named in honor of it.  Given that, can we really expect Babylon 
5 to overcome that huge momentum in just 4 years?  Not really... over 
the past 10 years only two drama shows have surpassed the Trek 
franchise: Xena and Hercules... in the past 10 years ZERO 
sci-fi shows have beaten Trek's dominance.

Even though Babylon 5 has not surpassed Trek, it is still a very 
successful show.  Most of the time, it's audience is only 1% less than 
Star Trek.  And at least once, Babylon outrated Star Trek: Voyager.  
Babylon 5 may not have Trek's huge audience, but to call it a failure is 
being dishonest.

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Y'know, people who throw ST at us and say that B5 is a failure forget that the
 first ST only went 3 seasons, and was considered a total and complete failure
 by the television industry for years.

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