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Dear Joe,

You've said that you do not plan on showing the Vorlon Homeworld or any of
their social structure etc, as any detailing would demystify them. However,
I begin to wonder whether Vorlons are really beyond human understanding -
we've seen a couple of humans come back from Vorlon without their "mind
blown out", as you say. I can imagine that they've discovered something
about the universe that most humans would find difficult to believe or
understand, and can no longer descend into the younger races (Plato's
Analogy of the Cave). It is likely an image or a form that we are familiar
with, viewed from a perspective so different from what we're used to that it
is meaningless to us. I suspect this perspective to be an expansion on the
Minbari view of the universe; that everything is more interconnected than we
may think, which we can see in their metaphors which invariably refer to
simple things such as a sword or a pebble. Specific descriptions are
probably supplied through telepathy, which is far more superior and free of

I was wondering whether you've deliberately chosen NOT to know what they
know, maybe because you aren't millions of years old yourself. But given
that the upcoming Crusade is going to be centered around the First Ones I
was wondering whether you have something worked out and how you go about
creating races millions of years older than humans. The Vorlons definitely
seem to have some kind of understandable social organisation, as we've seen
over the course of the show, and even use viewers and jumpgates themselves.
If you do have an idea about the world outside the cave, so to speak, maybe
we could see it in form of an image in a movie or a comic or a Koshism so
that it remains open to interpretation, as the future remains open to


Boris Skrbic, 

a die-hard Trekkie who tuned into "Gathering" with Space Rangers in mind and
ended up not watching Trek for months.

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Date: 19 Oct 1997 10:21:24 -0400
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I could give you an answer, but it would take a million years to parse it, so
 best to leave it be, I suppose....

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