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only competitor(Babylon 5) is a failure managing to grab only
> :> a very small portion of the available customers.

Guys, this is very important. The Cast and Crew of B5 have very subtly,
and very irrevocably changed the way that SF shows are done. They've
accomplished this by bringing the show in ^under budget^ which is
sonething that previosly just wasn't done. Am I right about this Joe?
    If I am, my point's clear. You can be in the top ten shows and still

lose your shirt by spending more than you take in.

My understanding of the TV industry is that the purpose of the shows is
to make money. This is done by entertaining the people watching. And if
the money coming in as a result of this covers the cost of making the
show, it ^can't^ be a failure.


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Specific dollar amounts are secondary to one basic truth: the studios aren't in
 the charity business.  If a show makes money, if it is a *success*, they keep
 it on the air.  If it ain't, the show is history, it's that simple.  If B5
 were a "failure" it sure as hell wouldn't be on for a fifth year, and we
 wouldn't be in serious, last-stage negotations with WB for a *sequel series*. 
 You don't try and sell a sequel for something that didn't work.

WB has made hideous amounts of money on this show.  From their point of view,
 it's a massive success.  There's simply no other reason they would keep the
 show on the air.  Period.

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