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	I just wanted you to know just how great it is that Sierra has
the rights to produce the B5 CD ROMS.
	Why do I say this?
	Because Ken Prugh, Producer for Sierra On-Line emailed me
personally, without provocation, to give me information about the new
Reference CD ROM.  I'm sure this is because of my web page, but that
is beside the point.
	The point is that, like TNT, Sierra appears to want to create
a rapport with the B5 fans, which is always a good thing.
	Not only that, but "The Official Guide to J. Michael
Straczynski's Babylon 5" sounds like one wonderful CD ROM...
Jeff Bauer
Keeper of Jeff's Babylon 5 Update Page

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Date: 26 Oct 1997 13:18:25 -0500
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>Not only that, but "The Official Guide to J. Michael
>Straczynski's Babylon 5" sounds like one wonderful CD ROM...

I was very iffy on that...I am getting this vague sense that I'm becoming a
 brand name, and I'm suspicious of that sort of thing.  At first they wanted it
 in a proprietary sense, "J. Michael Straczynski's Guide to the Babylon 5
 Universe," but I vetoed that because Jason Brezhinski did 90% of the actual
 work on the thing, researching every smallest detail shown in the series, and
 if anyone should get that credit, it's him.  The final title only came about
 through a lot of haggling.

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