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Possible spoilers for final S4 episodes.

Well, you might not want to give us any spoilers, but I was just
wondering what was left for S5. I mean, when the show started there
wasn't too much of the overall arc in sight yet, it took a while to
realize that there was something sinister going on. Then the Shadow war
started and I thought we would have several acts on that plot line, then
the war ended. OK, not a problem, we had the conflict with the
tyrannical rule on Earth and a brewing civil war. Now that is over and
we still have an entire seasong to go. It can't all be clean up from the
civil war. So, just in general, what is left for everyone to do?

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Things that *could* show up (leaving in some ambiguity just to keep some

The start of the telepath war
The start of drakh war
Londo's fate on Centauri Prime
The first year trying to make the Interstellar Alliance work
Inter-faction fighting among the Alliance members
The development of Mars as an independent state
The legacy of William Edgars' black projects
Fallout from the civil war, and the feelings about it
How Lennier, Sheridan and Delenn will get along now

How's that just for starters?

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