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Jonathan Howard Krivitzky wrote
>There are a few less-than-stellar acting jobs in the series... you almost
>see those characters return.  Unlike some deep space franchise I could
>in which a certain Kai (sp?) is possibly the worst actress I've ever seen
>TV, and she became a principle character in the story.*  I'd much rather
>the "middle-man" question unresolved than be forced to watch sub-par acting
>a regular character.

I nearly choked on my foot when I read this. You needn't worry however, my
foot was already in my mouth because I was cleaning off my toes which were
flithy from cleaning out the manure pile. Funny things is we don't live on a
farm so I am beginning to worry about that thing. Louise Fletcher is a
saving grace to many DS9 episodes.

I can name several horrible repeat performers on B5(most notably a certain
Telepath who shall remain nameless).


Anyway. DS9 are B5 equal in one regard: the ability to get really good
actors for guest and supporting roles(but not the primary ones). This seems
something both shows are good at.(There had to be one thing and we knew it
wasn't writing). Most notably on DS9 Vedek Bariel(Phillip Anglim), Kai's
Winn(Louise Flethcher) and Opaka(Camille Savolia, General Martok(J.G.
Hertzler), Eddington(played by the indominable Kenneth Marshall) and my
personal favorite: Dukat(Marc Alamo(sp?).

B5 has quite a few really impressive supporting or guest performances as
well. The Brother Edward(Brad Dourif) in Passing Through Gethsemane(*BEST*
in sci-fi telelvision histroy), Brother Theo and Zathras(who were played
Louis Turene), Emperor Cartagia(Wortham Krimmer), Morden(Ed Wasser), The
Emperor who died in The Coming of Shadows(Turhan Bey), Bester(Walter Koenig
proving that he can act and it was Shatner's fault) and a few others who I
can't remember

I suppose this is part of what really erked me about EndGame. The General
Codger and Ms. Exposition back on Mars really got on my nerves. Horrible
actors they were.

And the President in Rising Star, which I loved, had such a bad Russian
accent I couldn't get past it. Lines like, "Peace is a concept."

>*Not a knock on the show itself, only on Louise Fletcher's acting...

She won an Oscar(and Golden Globe) for her role as Nurse Ratchet in One Flew
Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Interestingly enough Brad Dourif was in that movie
and was nominated for a GG.

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>And the President in Rising Star, which I loved, had such a bad Russian
>accent I couldn't get past it.

I love comments like that.

Beata, who played the President, is a native-born Russian.


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