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First, Bravo to you for creating one of the best sci-fi stories ever.

You have said that you had the major story points of the arc laid out
before B5 was ever produced.  You have also said that this plan was
always flexible, due to unforeseen circumstances.  And you have
commented occasionally about particular departures that were

My question is this: After the 5th year is complete, do you have any
plans of writing out, formally or just informally for us on the net,
the original idea as conceived?

			-- Spoiler Warning --

For instance, you have stated that originally, it was to be Laurel
Takashima who was to have the implanted personality we saw in Talia
Winters.  What are the other forks in the road?  Was Delenn originally
supposed to fall in love with Sinclair?  Was Sinclair supposed to go
to Z'ha'dum?  If so, what about traveling back in time to become
Valen?  Was this originally what was supposed to happen?  If not, who
was Valen supposed to be?  What other things have had to change due to
the practical realities of life?

I realize that you cannot answer any of these questions now, before
the completion of the 5th season.  But how about afterward.  I would
love to see an outline of your original "arc".  The ultimate, for me,
would be a novelization of your seminal story (perhaps 5 volumes?)

Once again, bravo for a wonderful show!

Robert Duff
duffrd at
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I have enough to do just getting out *this* storyline, without putting out
an alternate heart attack at a time.


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