Future Episodes ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Future Episodes

Here's an excerpt from an article in my newspaper -  What's up with Sheridan?
I thought they were recasting the first officer?
Any spoilers that I've missed?


"Tracey Scroggins will play Elizabeth Lochley, the unpoplular new
commander of Babylon 5, . . .
Her predessor Sheridan(B Boxleitner) has been elected president of Earth's
government and has handpicked her to succeed him . . . 
She's career military, so she's a born leader, added Scoggins

She was much more visible as the Daily Planet's bad girl in Lois and Clark
with Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain,. "A reporter once asked me who designed my
clothes for that show, she recalled.  I said, I believe it's the prisoners
at the L.A. County Jail."

Of her costume on Babylon 5 she says "let's just say it's pleasantly

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The spoiler about Sheridan in that article is not correct.

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