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From: marlon at (Marlon Hernández)
Date: 11 Sep 1997 18:52:27 -0400
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The following is sent on behalf of Connie Colvin from marlon at

 JMS, Connie Colvin here. Huge fan, met you at I-con. You knew my name.
Wrote for Centurian Sentinel.
For the record, the Cinescape Stathis nasty letter was in response to a
favorable one by me. One supporting
B5. Was glad supporting B5. Was glad about mine, much less so about this
jerk. Also got a letter in TV 
Guide after the cover.

  Reason I'm writing you is that with the demise of the Centurian Sentinal,
there is a void for the voice of the fan. A void I would like to fill. I'm
seriously considering putting out a newletter for fans, for there voice 
to be heard. I need, very much, to have your reaction to this idea and your
OK if you wish to give it.
Can not go forward  without your say so. I want it for the snail mailers
like me especially. Also need to
know about your postings, if I can use it. Will follow all copyrights, and
credit all. Also no fiction. So please if possible give your word on this to me.

For Babylon 5 may have saved my life and  inspires me greatly every day.
You've no idea. It's 15 on a scale
of 10. I love all of you very much and admire you tremendously.
Congradulations on the Hugo, that was 
very important to me and thank G'Quan fo the 5th season. Best news I had
this year. I'm privileged to be a fan of B5. Please get back to me at this
e-mail address as I am one of the non-on-lined.

Entil ' zha veni

Connie Colvin


   Did you like the amethist pyramid I gave you at I-Con?  

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 12 Sep 1997 11:50:16 -0400
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Obviously I cannot endorse any outside project, as I never officially
endorsed the Centaurian Sentinel...I can only do for you what I did for
Mike, which is to offer my best wishes and good luck.

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