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: Cheryl Martin  <zofran at deepthot.cary.nc.us> wrote:
: >FYI, I was told by a couple of people about an incident that occurred at
: >the Hugo ceremony at Worldcon this year.  It seems that a number of people
: >left the ceremony after JMS received the Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo. 
: >This was considered rude and reflects poorly on B5 fandom.

How is this different from when B5 fans go to any other con to see the JMS
presentation, then leave after it? 

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Date: 12 Sep 1997 03:43:42 -0400
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Leaving aside what others have already pointed out, that folks leave after
any of the categories are done, and that B5 folks were possibly more
noticeable only because there were a lot of them...

I would that having attended more than my share of pre-B5 worldcons, there
have been more people at the last two Hugo ceremonies than I can remember
being at previous Hugo ceremonies, in large measure because of B5.  If 800
more than usual attended, and 300 left, you've still got 500 more than you
would've otherwise.  500 more people who were exposed to the list of fine
print works in the SF genre.

Maybe it's just me, but I should think that's something to celebrate, not
complain about.  I spoke to a LOT of people there in the autograph lines
who said that this was not only the first Worldcon they had attended, but
the first SF convention *in general* they had ever attended.  B5 is
bringing a whole new audience into the SF convention arena, where they are
exposed to the novels and short stories to be found in the dealer's room
and elsewhere.  Many of those I spoke to said they weren't, or didn't
consider themselves SF fans...but as long as they were there, were out
buying SF books to learn more about the genre.

This, too, is something to celebrate.  Media SF brings people into the
fold who might never have sampled it before, where they (one hopes) become
readers and buyers of novels and short stories.

And in response, there often comes negativity, dismissal of a new breed of
fen, and paranoia.  I've been told that right now (well, as of the SFWA
meetings in San Antonio) that a number of SFWA members are pushing hard to
have media-related novels disqualified from award consideration, because
they think that media is "ruining SF," as one SFWAn relayed to me from the

A story is a story is a story, and we are made stronger by a multitude of
voices and venues and forms and approaches.  That SFWA fails to recognize
this only continues to prove that it is rapidly becoming irrelevant.... 


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