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>  I was wondering what television shows have influenced you with reguards
>to your writing?   What shows did you watch before (or even after) you
>started your writing career that you consider to have a large impact on
>the way you view television?

I'd say that the original Twilight Zone was a big  influence, as was the
Outer Limits, the Prisoner, Blake's 7, and the original Trek.  The writers
most influential were Serling, Chayefsky, Reginald Rose, Matheson,
Bradbury, Ellison.
>  And the question that I am always dying to ask creators of my favorite

>Did you ever catch the British espionoge show, The Sandbaggers? If
>so what was your opinion of it?  How about the muhc more recent EZ Streets
>and PIcket Fences? 
Only saw Picket Fences of those three, which I enjoyed, though it got
kinda wonky in its last season or two.


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