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Spoilers up to Sleeping in Light.

The press releases of the final four episodes are finally available on the
spoiler page.

Frankly, I'm sick of it.  The ending of it all as depicted in The
Deconstruction of Falling Stars (501) is not the ending of a story that says
one person can make a difference, as JMS has been saying.  This is the ending
of a tragedy.

The moral here is that 'the bad guys always win.'  Earthforce gets their hands
on Shadow skin and weapons technology, with predictable results.

Sheridan surrenders to Earthgov, and is expelled from Earthforce for the
'crime' of overthrowing an illegitimate government.  Excuse me?  This is not
the message any truly lawful government should give to it's armed forces.

Clark has been defeated, but so what?  The replacement is almost entirely as
bad.  Even 500 years into the future, Earthgov is performing the role of the
Shadows, trying to move out and take over by force.  Dispite the best efforts,
of the characters, the future is on rails and cannot be changed.

I note with interest that the cynics among rastb5m are often derided and
otherwise harassed, but the information I have found almost entirely a
vindication of what I have been saying from day one.

I've had enough of Babylon 5.  Period.  I'm going to spend the time I used to
watch B5 for something much more productive: reading books.  I've removed all
my web bookmarks, my fanfic collection, and all the other various things that
I have collected this year.  Good riddance -- I will use the extra disk space
for something worthwhile.

Up to ItF was good, but I can't stand the aftermath, or what I see as JMS'
condescending and holier than thou attitude towards fans.

Bye, guys.  Enjoy yourselves.

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>Up to ItF was good, but I can't stand the aftermath, or what I see as JMS'
>condescending and holier than thou attitude towards fans.

I was going to respond politely until I got to this part.  Let me put this
to you plainly:

You are an idiot if you take these spoilers at face value, and an equal
idiot if you think from this you know how it's all going to go down.

You don't know what SiL is about, since that hasn't been released in any
form, btw, not even synopses...and for some time now I've been deliberately
leaving some info out of the synopses *specifically* because people like
you, who look ahead and write off the shows forthcoming, piss me off no end.  

All I can say in conclusion is that your analysis of what's coming in the
storylines is SO off-course, SO ill-informed and wrongheaded that it's
hardly worth addressing.  You've not only jumped to conclusions, you've
jumped right off the cliff.  Maybe, rather than being prejudicial, you
might actually want to *see* what's there before making a judgment about
it.  This is no different than the fundamentalists who pass judgment about
a film based on what they read about it, rather than first-hand experience.

Hope that wasn't too condescending....or the little gift I dropped into
"Deconstruction" for folks who read spoilers and then dismiss the show as a

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