BAB5 Night of the Long Knives?

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O.K.  They really were right...Money DOES change everything.  Melissa Gilbert
in an appearance in the Eclipse Cafe (the WB official B5 chatroom on AOL)
stated that the entire cast of Babylon 5 was let go. In addition...John Flinn
has been fired.  Melissa also stated >bruce will not be at any more publicity
events for the show< and <he will go to cons only....there is no reason to
promote a show that TNT doesn't want...publicity is for the producers and
network<  (all quotes taken verbatim from the chat log.)
I am distressed that things are apparently going to end with hard feelings and
recriminations...but it is apparently unavoidable. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Out where the sky's
been cleared by a good hard rain there's somebody calling my secret name....  

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Read my lips.

The Series Is Over.

What did you *think* was gonna happen when the show ended?  Everybody was just
gonna hang around?  


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