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Hidey-ho, Joe.

Here's a question for you:

Have you been following the hullaballoo about the new Jeremy Irons version of
Nabakov's LOLITA?  In short (for those not up on the situation), it probably
won't get released in this country because of fears that the filmed
presentation Humbert Humbert's attraction to Lolita will seem to glorify
pedophilia.  For my part, it seems that the attraction is definitely
eroticized (as it was in the book) to illustrate it's deviance.

Unfortunately, many people believe if Joe Q. Public sees X on TV (in a book,
in a magazine, in a songh) he will IMMEDIATELY run out and do/perform/buy X.

What are your thoughts on this subject, not only industry-wise (producer
hat?) but artist-wise?

Are there subjects too scary/dangerous for mass media? Can really outre
subjects, storylines, themes, etc. be produced in an entertainment
*industry*, that is, the entertainment business?

Inquiring minds.

"Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three."

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There are no thoughts too radical for a people to view; there are just some
people too radical to control the  thoughts of others.


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