ATTN JMS: Can Crusade really work?

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With "The Day of the Dead" still fresh in my mind, and not in a good
way, I was forced to think "can Crusade work without your presence in
each script?"  Will you be able to recruit one or more writers to work
on the entire series?  That would seem to be the only way to get the
series to work.  The lack of continuity from one writer's view to
another's can really show.  (It's almost luminesent in some 1st season
B5 eps.)

Maybe I'm over-reacting.  This sounds a lot like ST + a point.  But that
leads to asking if you will be able to get writers that can generate 55
(22*5-(11 for you)*5) eps that have a sense of wonder.  That would be
the main problem with the B5 eps written by others- in general they
don't captivate, they come off as very plain.

Any thoughts on your plan to combat this are eagerly anticipated

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Date: 3 Apr 1998 22:07:09 -0700
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There are many other good writers out there who I have every confidence can do
a good job on Crusade.  And bear in mind that any script that comes in
generally gets revised by me, so I'll be in there.  The plan for now is that
I'll do about 11 scripts out of 22, and have freelancers doing the other half.


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