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Date: 11 Apr 1998 17:51:34 -0600
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First Joe, I'd like to congratulate you on the 100th ep airing. Who'd
have imagined long ago you would not only be airing your full five
seasons of B5, but be able to extend your "wings" into other areas.

Second, you once said that you didn't watch to much TV, but I remember
you said you did watch Millennium.  I was wondering what you think of it
after Darin Morgan started influencing it this year.

Third, about foreshadowing, are we still going to hear that fourth
question this year?  And are we going to learn who built the Great
Machine anytime soon.

Again, congratulations,
"And isn't sanity really just a one-trick pony, anyway?  I mean, 
all you get is one trick, rational thinking.  But when you're good 
and crazy, ooh ooh ooh, the sky's the limit!" -- The Tick

"You're not going crazy, you're going sane in a crazy 
world!" -- The Tick
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Date: 13 Apr 1998 16:53:23 -0600
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You will be hearing the fourth question, yes, and I haven't had time to keep up
with Millennium, unfortunately.


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