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Christopher Jones wrote:
> Joe, I recently purchased a couple of lapel-sized Psi Corps pins at a
> convention.  On the back, they have a (C)1998 WB and the name Filmwelt,
> Berlin, plus a German phone number.  I thus presume (?) they are
> officially licensed items.

I rather hope so, myself.  I pirchased similar pins from a dealer who
was selling what I thought was a lot of licenced merch. Action figures,
shirts, et cetera.  

The badges I bought have a flowing psi on the front, not squared off, as
the ones on thestation have. There is no lettering on the back at all
and the affixing device is a 'military back' being two straight short
pins held by round backs that are separate from the pin, itself. Color
is copper colored back, pewter finish raised psi and black laquered
gack. The space around the raised psi letter is antiqued with a dark
stain against the copper background. A handsome pin, but nonstandard,
now that I've re-examined the description of the Official Badge on sale
at the store on

The bloody dilemma IS that living in an area without major stores, I
cannot just off and purchase an official one and the website offering
the things will NOT accept my credit card order. Frustrating.
> Filmwelt also make larger Psi Corp pins/badges which were also on sale,
> but those are coloured all 'antique gold' instead of the usual silver
> logo
> on copper background (which is one reason why I *didn't* buy one).  They
> likewise make tie-clips which seem to be the smaller (correctly coloured)
> lapel pin 'glued' on to a tie-clip.

By your description, I'd say that there are THREE (or more) sorts of psi
corps badges out there: the official ones, the Filmwelt ones and these,
unlabeled ones. The symbol on my badge is a flowing, italicized (without
the slant, tho) letter instead of the right-angled square letter.
Elegant, if nonstandard.
> Now, *all* of these pins etc. feature a 'normal' Greek-style Psi
> character
> as the logo, and *not* the stylised Psi character logo we're all used to
> seeing in 'Babylon 5.'  So, my question is this: did someone somewhere
> just make a mistake in approving/licensing these items with the 'wrong'
> Psi symbol, or is the Psi symbol going to change in the 'Crusade' show,
> these Filmwelt items being the first to feature the 'new' Psi symbol?

Well, since changes are occurring in the status of the Corps (I won't
spoin it for you) I would assume that IF the same symbol were around, it
might well be 'softened' a bit from the more military looking letter on
the previous badges.  I note that you didn't specify HOW your badge
affixes to clothing, bar pin or tie-tack style 'military back'. I note
that on the Official Pin the back features a bar pin and that the
telepaths on the show, when they remove the badge, remove it as if it is
a bar pin, NOT a tie-tack. 

I have the distinct impression that we're dealing with non official
repros, here!

> I'd really appreciate your personal comment on this, knowing what a
> stickler you are for 'accurate' fan merchandise related to the show.  And
> I'm sure several other folks I know who bought some of these items would,
> too!  :-)  Thanks in advance.

It's a pity. I waited for some time for anyone to answer this, but
nobody has.  I really REALLY do NOT want to use/wear an UNLICENSED
product. It annoys me no END, as I am a writer and artist and I
understand the creative investment in such items. to have possibly
unwittingly purchased such an item would make me very angry. I want some
sort of confirmation that these are either official, or UNofficial so
that I may act on that information.

If anyone out there does know about these three pins and their origin,
please let us know! 


Psi Corps

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Date: 27 Aug 1998 03:30:26 -0600
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The german pins are licensed; I approved the final designs, and hadn't noticed
that the Psi symbol was unstandard; we've used some variations in the show as


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