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Does this need spoiler space?  It's in S5 so may as well . . .






Let's get off this hair kick, OK?  She was sleeping when she was awakened.  Q:
What would be the quickest way for her to get her hair out of the way?   A: The

As someone who doesn't  *do*  my hair, there are two lengths I can wear: very
short and long.  With long hair, a quick ponytail, braid or pulled together in
the back with one big clip is the simplest, low maintenance way to deal with
hair so one needn't have to think about it again.  It may not be fashionable,
but it is practical.  

And that is how I interpreted Lockley's ponytail. In fact, I suspect she tied
it back in the lift so she would reach C&C that much sooner.  

If this is your nit of the week, you're really scraping the bottom of the

Diane F

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Scoggins did exactly what you suggest, Diane.  She figured, "This isn't about
hair."  She was awakened, and had to get to C&C fast, she ain't gonna do her
hair, just ponytail it back.

She didn't realize, in making that choice, that it would make her a) look that
severe in the uniform, since she was still getting used to it, and b) give her
the Ivanova "peanut-head" as she used to call it.  She later realized this was
a bit of an error, and has never done it since.


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