ATTN JMS: Claudia hit! ("AVFtG" spoilers)

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	First of all, great episode.  I can't 
remember the last time I laughed so often while 
watching an episode of B5.  Bo and Mack were GREAT.
Were any of the humorous lines from Harlan?
	Ok, now on to the main issue.  
	There have been several people on my page's 
message board who believed that the conversation 
between Bo and Mack concerning Ivanova's departure 
was a cheap shot by you towards Claudia Christian. 
 I say these people don't know you very well.
	I saw it as something much more;
	I know how you feel about the spoiler pages 
and B5 rumor sites.  I saw the Ivanova conversation 
as another one of your "plinks", this time directed 
towards these rumor mills on the WWW.  I know how 
you feel about them.  I also know you would never 
stoop to hitting Claudia below the belt.  
		But the spoiler and rumor web 
pages?  Those I can see you taking a shot at.  
Which is what I saw this whole scene as doing.  You 
spend far too much valuable time fending off the 
unsubstantiated rumors thrown around the Net by 
such pages.  What a great way to get your revenge!
	"Rumors?  This place is FULL of them!"

Jeff Bauer
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Correct;  it was never meant as a shot at Claudia, but rather at the folks out
there whose only interest is in rumors, and starting trouble, and feeding


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