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Date: 25 Feb 1998 22:55:20 -0700
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Maybe its just me, and maybe I've been hearing that
ole JMS 'magic trick with the elephant' metaphor a 
few too many times, but I find myself suspecting everything
about this show. I trust them not to pull an
"oops, it was all a dream, JR's not _really_ dead" on
us with this show, but still . . . some things are
making me paranoid.

The one element of B5 that is really creepin' me
out right now is  . . . 


OK, OK, OK, maybe he's just the antithesis of the red-shirted
"lambs-to-the slaughter" security-detail-to-the-transporter-
room eminently expendable extra. Maybe he's just "This guy,
ya know?"  Possibly he's just the ordinary observer, who
never dies mysteriously in a freak accident involving a
Centauri princess, a bathtub, a rubber ducky, and a bowl of
instant oatmeal. Or gets accidentally shot by psi-cops aiming for 
escaped telekinetic mice from the National Institute of
Mental Health. Maybe he's just an ordinary guy.

But I don't think so.

And I don't think so more with each episode I see.
Maybe he's some kind of Stainless Steel Rat with a 
extremely fine-tuned understanding of human nature. Maybe
he's setting up some giant con job. Or maybe he's something
else entirely.

Maybe he's just the character who is always
on the edge of events but doesn't really make much of
an impression. A normal, everyday guy who hangs 
around a space station passively observing universal 
upheavals and making gently wry comments without
raising any eyebrows . . .

for five years.

But then again, he could be the cigar who's just a cigar.

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Date: 26 Feb 1998 15:47:41 -0700
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>But then again, he could be the cigar who's just a cigar.

I thin Corwin's more of a tiparillo....


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