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Date: 30 Dec 1997 22:25:36 -0700
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Jamie wrote:
> In article <19971230060400.BAA07566 at>,
> Jms at B5 <jmsatb5 at> wrote:
> >
> >(jmsatb5 at
> >B5 Official Fan Club at:
> >
> Is this a .sig? After 10 years online, JMS has a .sig. I think we're
> finally starting to get to him, folks :-)
> --
> Jamie

Yes! I noticed that too!!  Ah well, I suppose I'll have to stand firm as
the last bastion of the "Signature lines are really annoying especially
once you've seen them forty times before" contingent! :D


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 31 Dec 1997 09:00:37 -0700
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I started including a sig on the net because I kept getting emails asking for
the address of the fanclub site, and my own, so I figured this would take care
of it.


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