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Chip Mims wrote:

>2)  Claudia Christian seemed to be having so much fun with everyone.
>Makes you wonder what she was thinking when she left.

Actually, it made me wonder if leaving was her choice.

Captain Infinity

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Date: 31 Dec 1997 14:51:07 -0700
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>Actually, it made me wonder if leaving was her choice.

Give me one good reason, ANY good reason, why WB or I (and those are the only
two forces involved) would want her to leave.  If either of those had wanted
her to go, then we wouldn't have been so upset when it was announced in the
trades that she was leaving, now would we?  WB wouldn't have extended its offer
to her until the very last minute, would they?  (Why put ANY offer out to her
at ALL if they didn't want her back?  Remember, becasue she opted not to sign
the extension, she was not an employee of B5 when she left.)  And I certainly
wouldn't have been sitting across from her in a hotel pub in Blackpool at
midnight trying to understand why she was leaving, and urging her to call her
agent so she could stay, would I?


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