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I missed B5's first season (and the pilot). Now that I am
able to watch them, I'm a bit amazed at my own reaction.
Even though I know where everything is headed, they are
riveting.  Watching you introduce the characters and their
faults and foibles is addictive.

(And seeing the pilot for the first time leads to lots of
questions about why you made the changes that you did,
but I'll pass on asking them...)

I also like the fact that the number of special effects is
kept down.  From having followed your comments on these
lists, and in the lurker web site, I know how advancing
computer technology lets you do more today than you could
5 years ago. But you know what?  I like it.  I like the
emphasis on the characters and the story, watching it unfold.
It's a "more traditional" drama, depending on good writing
to keep attention.

This isn't at all meant to diminish special effects, which
I love as much as anyone.  But what I'm left with in the
long run is the characters, their motivations, their
humanity (or their alien-ness), and their stories.  And
for those, in particular, I thank you ... every week day
at 6pm Central time, I thank you.

Jurgen Patau

Sliding down the razorblade of life...  (Tom Lehrer)

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Date: 9 Jan 1998 09:25:49 -0700
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Thanks...I agree, the efx have to stay secondary to the characters.  You may
not remember the details of a plot, but you remember Captain Ahab....


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