In the Beginning ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for In the Beginning

Laura Gillenwater wrote:
>Jms at B5 wrote:

>> >He really is going to hell isn't he? He's going to burn like
>> >newspaper dipped in sheep grease.
>> There's certainly a karmic point of no return, isn't there?
>>  jms
> Okay, maybe I'm morally bankrupt for saying this, but I didn't really
> see what Londo did that was so wrong. I thought his reasons for not
> giving the humans weapons were reasonable. "We're not in the habit of
> providing advanced weapons to less developed races" was almost a
> "prime directive" type of thing, and, since Londo *told* the humans
> in the first place not to pester the Minbari, I can understand his
> reluctance to jeopardize the safety of his people to clean up our
> mess.
> But maybe I'm missing something - especially since Londo seems to feel
> so guilty about it all...

  I think the reference is to the Centauri sneak attack on the
conference between Sheridan, Franklin, G'Kar, and Lennon (and
perhaps to Londo's actions during the years of the series which
led to the situation at the time of the ItB frame story/
WWE2 flash-forward).

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No, the karmic point of no return is the whole of his life, from ItB's events
through the bombing of Narn, which led to the death of hundreds of thoudands or


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