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One day the Great Maker sat on his throne, and two children
were brought before him.  The great one asked what they sought,
and they asked to hear a story.

The first child asked for a science fiction masterpiece, 
with great battles and special effects.  The second asked for
a heartfelt, truthful drama.  One with real characters that
could make her feel for them.

The Great Maker began his story, but before he could finish,
the first child interrupted him.

"The battle is over, what else could there be?  I don't believe
that anything you could tell would compare to what has already
been said."

The second child wondered what was to become of the characters
she had come to love, and hoped that the story would not end.

The elder spoke, "Be patient my son, there is more story to tell.
If you will let me finish, you will see that it will be as I 
promised."  He turned and smiled to the young girl, who was
waiting patiently for him to continue.

The Great Maker concluded his tale.  Although he was questioned
and interrupted by the young boy time and again, the elder was
patient and reassuring throughout.  When he finally finished,
the two children sat in silence, and in awe.  The children thanked
the Great Maker, for the time and love he poured into the story.
They also asked if they could visit another time, and maybe 
hear another story.

He smiled.  "Yes, there will be other stories, and I would love
to share them with you."

I couldn't help but see this story as I watched "In the Beginning"
Thank you for your love and your patience, and thank you for sharing
your story with us.

Thank you Great Maker,
Jeff Payne
jspayne at

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You're most certainly welcome...the pleasure has been all mine.

What's a storyteller without an audience?


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