ATTN JMS: Is this bogus mechandise?

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Tue Jan 13 06:22:15 EST 1998

From: nzsvz9 at (Thomas Catsburg)
Date: 10 Jan 1998 14:51:22 -0700
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I just bought a *box* of series II trading cards, and curiously
when I got home and opened them I was beginning to wonder if
this box was bogus:

1. It had the Fleer Skybox wrap.
2. It had NO silver numbered sticker saying X of X thousand.
3. It had no jms card (more below).
4. It had no lasercut card.
5. It did have 9 Coming of Shadows/Creator's mix.
6. It did have 10 Posters.
7. It did have 24 Trivia Cards.
8. Lots of common cards.

9. It ALSO had one *enormous* Coming of Shadows card, it was
   one-sided and 4x the size of a regular card.

   My buddy Brian and I have bought about *20* boxes now between us,
   (no jms card I might add) and we've run into this now 3 times.
   The previous two boxes had an *enormous* one-sided version of
   card number one (You autographed one for me at Marcon last
   spring to which I say thankyou again ...) with the starfuries
   over the docking end of the station and epsilon 3 in the background.

   BTW-Brian's the one who won the space-camp trip from Detroit who
   just emailed you about it from the TNT ItB party. He's geeked!

   In the three non-numbered boxes the common theme was no Lasercut
   and the *enormous* card and I fear no chance at a jms card.

Is it for real? Did I get ripped?

Please help a fan whose come to the end of his funds to chase after
the jms autograph card ... 

Anyone else out there who can help, my reply email address is 

  nzsvz9 at

and boy do I have a *ton* of series II cards left over.


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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 12 Jan 1998 20:31:51 -0700
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I"ve never seen the extra-sized card, so I can't say.  It doesn't sound may just have had the worst string of luck in the last decade in
terms of getting the righit boxes.


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